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Wyverns Mod adds a new dragon like creature to the Nether. It is hostile and very dangerous but when slain there’s a chance it might drop an egg which you can use to hatch your own wyvern. The wyvern can then be used as a flying mount. They exist in six different colors. The black and white ones are the best as they are stronger, faster and they will also give its a rider a night vision effect.


The wyverns are hostile mobs spawning in the Nether. You will have to slay these creatures in order to obtain some eggs which will be used to hatch your own wyvern.

To go to the Nether use a Nether Portal. Build the structure with 14 obsidian blocks and then use a flint and steel on the two bottom blocks to activate the portal.


Make sure difficulty is set to max otherwise the wyverns won’t appear.

As they are flying you might need a bow to kill them. The eggs are quite rare so it might take several kills before finally getting one.


Now when you’ve got the egg use the Nether portal to return to the Overworld to hatch the egg. Place down the egg preferably in a fenced area and wait for it to hatch.


For me it took 3 minutes for the egg to hatch. It’s still not full grown and requires some more time to grow to its full size.



Once it has grown up you can place a normal saddle on the back of the creature to ride it. Press the jump button to get off. To ride it again tap on it with an empty hand.

  • Saddle (329) – 3 leathers + 2 iron ingots


There are six different colored wyverns. If you manage to get a black or white wyvern you will get night vision effect when riding them. They are also faster and stronger.


If your wyvern gets hurt tap on it with some raw fish to heal it.


Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

All items can be obtained in the creative inventory. Remember to set the difficulty to max to make sure that the wyverns can spawn (as they are hostile mobs).

  • Saddle (329) – 3 leathers + 2 iron ingots
  • Wyvern Spawn Egg (2899)
  • Red Wyvern Egg (2898)
  • Blue Wyvern Egg (2897)
  • Green Wyvern Egg (2896)
  • Yellow Wyvern Egg (2895)
  • White Wyvern Egg (2894)
  • Black Wyvern Egg (2893)
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