Working TV Map for MCPE

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For 1.0.0
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This is a clever redstone creation which is supposed to work similar to a TV. You can turn it on and off and watch an infinite variety of shows as none of them will ever be the same. It makes use of mobs, dispensers, water and lava. The rest you can probably guess if you are any experienced with redstone!

Sit down on the comfortable minecart couch and then use the lever to turn on the TV.

As soon as you’ve flipped the lever the show starts. It’s a little bit different than a normal TV though as everything which happens on the screen is real!

You can even enter the TV and experience it as virtual reality in Minecraft. OK, I might be exaggerating this a little but it’s still a really cool and clever redstone creation.

The background will actually be moving when it’s turned on.

Maybe you could try to replicate this in your own world!