Working Huge Furnace Map for MCPE

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For 0.16.2
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This redstone creation works just the same as an ordinary furnace except that it’s at least hundred times bigger and entirely powered by different types of redstone mechanisms. You can insert anything from iron ores to raw fish and get back cooked fish or iron ingots. This map is really cool just to try out but it can also be used to educate yourself on redstone.

How does it work?

The furnace works much similar to a small furnace. It has two inputs for fuel and raw materials and one output for smelted items.

Begin by dropping some fuel (e.g. coal) in the hoppers. Then find the other hoppers for the secondary input (food/ores) and drop the items which you want to smelt there.

As soon as that’s done the furnace will start working. You can see if it’s actively working by checking if the fire is on (redstone lamps turned on) in the bottom of the structure.

You can collect the smelted/cooked items in the center of the structure. The chest is only visible if there are any items available in the chest. It will automatically be hidden again if it’s empty.

You can see the inside of the furnace by looking at the back of the furnace. It’s covered by a glass but it’s easy to break if you want to have a closer look inside.

It’s a really cool creation which works just the same as an ordinary furnace. It’s most definitely worth a try if you like clever machines!