Working Brewing Stand Map for MCPE

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For 1.2 beta
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The brewing stand is a block in Minecraft which can be used for brewing potions. You can then consume the potions to gain temporary powers such as increased strength or agility. This is a redstone map which recreates the block on a much bigger scale. And since it’s entirely powered by redstone you can actually use it to brew potions!

How does it work?

You can get the brewing ingredients from the chests. Drop the ingredients in the hoppers to add the ingredients to start brewing the items.

Once you’ve added the ingredients and something to power the brewing stand (e.g. blaze powder) then it will start working by itself.

However, to retrieve the items it looks like you need to press the “Click to finish!” button as this will complete the process.

As soon as that is done you can retrieve the finished items from the chests which open up at the bottom of the structure.

You can examine the way the structure has been built by going around the structure. There you will find a big opening which you can enter through and look at the redstone.

This is what the brewing stand structure looks like from afar. As you can see, it is a brewing stand on top of a birch wood block.

Important: This map will only work for version 1.0.