Wizardry V1.8 Mod for MCPE 0.11.1

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Author: Sidi4eyess
Compatible with MCPE: 0.11.1

Changelog for Wizardry Mod v1.8: [Includes Tweaks, Bug Fixes and Improvements!]

– Added an Earth Staff, tap on the ground to turn any blocks or entities such as fireballs into stone, tap on a Mob and it will trap the Mob in a 2 Blocks High 3×3 Dirt Wall with lava and a cobweb to stuck mobs, above lava, in the middle of the Dirt Wall, can turn entities such as fireballs into the Dirt Wall ability.

– Added lava particles for both Potions of Embiggening and Ensmalling when used.

– Added smoke particles for the Nature’s Crystal when used.

– Added a 3 Blocks Jump ability to the Air Staff which allows you to climb mountains, high walls, by tapping quickly, fast and doesn’t take much damage, tap on any block (preferably the ground obviously).

– Added a healing ability to the Teleporting Pearl when tapped on any block to avoid getting damage when teleporting through any solid walls, buildings, blocks, ect., effective and fast traveling.

– Added a Dark Wizard that possesses an Enderman’s ability (Teleporting, Ender Effects, Ender Sounds, Ender Pickup Blocks), with a 100 health, its weakness is Water/Fire and the Sun, it teleports a lot during the day to avoid the sunlight, it then teleports more to find a cave for shelter during the day, it likes Water for some weird reasons and teleports like a psychopath when burned, drops the Teleporting Pearl when dies (sort of easy way to get the awesome Teleporting Pearl), growls like a banshee when looked at and your done ;D It likes the night and the peace, has its name high above its head, it can disguise as a normal Enderman when you leave the game, he is tough, careful! Use its Spawner to spawn the Mob, doesn’t spawn randomly, will probably add that soon! Enjoy!

– Changed the Freezarite Sword to the Ice Sword, added a new ability when tapped on a Mob, traps the Mob in cobwebs and freezes it by surrounding ice, turns any block into ice when tapped on, good for putting out fire and as a fire defence, can create water when ice is melted, also added a new message when item is used, can turn entities such as fireballs into the Freezing ability.

– Added brand New Textures to some of the Items such as the Staffs! Hoping for better textures in the future soon! 😛

– Some Items have changed Item IDs and Texture Names, with a few Item recipes removed to avoid errors and crashing due to the new v0.11.1 MCPE Update, will add brand new recipes in the next Update soon! 😉

– Added a new ability to the Fire Staff, creates a 3×3 field of fire instead of 1×1 when tapped on the ground, great defence and light!

– The Water Staff’s water ability is no longer stationary, it can now move and put out fire easily! Yay! 😛 Can turn entities such as fireballs into the Drowning ability.

– The Spellbook of Slowness now creates a 2 Blocks High 1×1 Cobweb Pillar to slow down Mobs more effectively.

– The Air Staff now flings the tapped Mob higher in the air for greater damage on the specific Mob! Yay!

– The Sun Orb and the Moon Pearl now sets the specified game time correctly.

– That’s probably all in this Update! Maybe there are more? 😉

♡ Thank you so much for your Support! ♡

Mod Items:

(1) Fire Staff

(2) Sun Orb

(3) Orb Of Death

(4) Moon Pearl

(5) Tear Of Cure

(6) Natures Crystal

(7) Book Of Necromancy

(8) Orb Of Diamonds

(9) Air Staff

(10) The Star Of Wither

(11) Spellbook Of Slowness

(12) Orb Of Instant

(13) Ice Sword

(14) Magic Broom Stick

(15) Water Staff

(16) Teleporting Pearl

(17) Potion Of Ensmalling

(18) Potion Of Embiggening

(19) Glass Bottle

(20) Banishing Orb

(21) Earth Staff

(22) Dark Wizard Spawner

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Download Links:

For 0.11.1

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