Witherbuster Combat Addon for MCPE

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The Witherbuster Combat is a mech suit which has been engineered to defeat the Wither Boss. A player can ride the mech suit and use it to take advantage of several different attack abilities which can be used to take down the enemy. You don’t necessarily have to fight bosses to use it since it will attack anything that is hostile.

How to use the Witherbuster Combat?

To buld the mech suit you will need four iron blocks and one pumpkin. Place the pumpkin on the center top of the structure (as seen below) to spawn it.

You can ride the mech suit and control it with a Rocket Shell (egg).

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the robot and press Ride
  • Windows 10: Right-click on the robot to ride it

A Witherbuster Combat is always on high alert and will attack anything that it comes in contact with and that is hostile (except for players).

The Witherbuster Combat attacks other monsters as soon as it isn’t controlled by the player and comes in contact with anything which is considered hostile, e.g. husks or spiders.

The Wither Boss stands a small chance against the Witherbuster Combat. While riding it you you can help out by shooting Rocket Shells (eggs) at the boss which will cause a lot of damage.

General Information

  • Replaces the iron golem
  • Health: 300 hearts
  • Controlled with a rocket shell (egg)
  • Immune to fire and fall damage
  • 27 storage slots container
  • Shoots fireballs (long range battle)
  • Melee attack (short range battle), 20 – 30 damage