Wireless Redstone Mod for MCPE

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This mod adds a couple of new redstone components which makes it possible for redstone signal to be transmitted wirelessly. It also adds some other blocks which will greatly improve your ability to build awesome redstone machines. It’s really useful if you want to build something complex with less redstone but still get the same (or even better) results.

Block Explanations

  • Transmitter (ID: 231): Transmits a wireless signal (15 blocks range) to a receive or a wireless repeater.
  • Wireless Repeater (ID: 238): Extends the wireless transmitter signal by 15 blocks (functions similarly to a normal repeater)
  • Receiver (ID: 232): Receives a transmitter signal and outsputs a redstone signal through a lever at its back (requires an air block behind it)
  • Block Breakers require a redstone signal to function
    • Classic (ID: 234) – Destroys 1 block
    • Iron (ID: 235) – Destroys 3 blocks
    • Gold (ID: 236) – Destroys 6 blocks
  • Block Placer (ID: 237) – Places a block in front of it. Requires a chest behind it with the blocks in it.
  • Ammeter (ID: 233) – Shows the strungth for a current in binary

Let’s have a look at some of the blocks in-game. Here you can see an ammeter displaying the current in binary.

Here are the block breakers. Gold, iron and classic (from left).

You can see the transmitter placed on the grass down at the ground. It will send out a redstone signal which can be received by the receiver block which in this example is floating in the air.