Wearable Cape Banners Addon for MCPE

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Want a cape in minecraft bedrock but don’t want to edit apks and possibly get in trouble? Use this addon. It adds cape like banners in your world that spawn in random locations in the overworld.

The Wearable Cape Banners Addon implements banners which can be worn like capes. They are essentially new entities which spawn on random locations in your world. If you find one, then you can walk up to the Cape Banner to wear it on your back. You can also dye the banner in 25 different colors/patterns! Unfortunately you can’t use this addon on servers to show off your fancy cape, but if you have friends, you can play on a multi-player world with this addon installed!

How does it work?

A new item (entity) has been added to the game and it functions similarly to a cape, but it looks like a banner!

Walk up to a cape banner and it will automatically be positioned on your back. To remove it, sneak/shift.


How to dye:

  • Touch: Press and hold with dye
  • PC: Right click
  • Controller: Use button

You can dye your banner cape in any of these 25 colors/patterns:

  • Any of the basic 16 dyes. Use the corresponding dye to the color you want. (Example: orange dye=orange cape)
  • MCPEDL Cape: Grass block
  • Creator Cape: Steve Skull
  • Creeper Cape: Creeper Skull
  • Shulker Cape: Shulker shell
  • Golden Picaxe Cape: golden pickaxe
  • Diamond Sword Cape: Diamond sword
  • Tie-dye Cape: Quartz
  • Missing Texture Cape“: black banner
  • X (10th) Birthday Cape: Cake


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