Vindicator Addon for MCPE

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The vindicator is a new type of mob spawning in Woodland Mansions which is a new structure in the PC version of Minecraft. With this addon you can “tame” skeletons to turn them into vindicators. It’s not really tamed as it’s hostile and have similar behaviors as to in the PC version of Minecraft.

How does it work?

Begin by spawning it using a skeleton spawn egg or find one in-game. Just make sure the game difficulty is turned on. Hold an iron axe in your hand and press the Tame button (or right-click the mob if you are on Windows 10) to tame it.

Once it is tamed it will get all the behaviors which a vindicator should have. For example, it’s now hostile and will attack other mobs. If the vindicator is killed there’s a chance it will drop an iron axe.

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