Villagers Come Alive Addon for MCPE

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This addon aims to transform villagers to make them more alive and useful similar to human beings. By giving them cake you can make them start relationships between one another and even have babies. Pay villagers with gold ingots to hire them as your personal bodyguards or fire them when you get tired of them.
From now on villages will be much more interesting as you will be able to gain social (and monetary) benefits by interacting with the people.


Villagers love cakes. If you hold one in your hand they will immediately start following you.

You can even spark love between two villagers by giving each of them a cake. Soon after they are done with their love dance a baby villager will come to life.



There are two types of villagers: normal ones and guards. If you can’t find any guards then you can train a normal villager by giving him or her an iron chestplate. A guard will by default protect the village from monsters.


Hiring a Guard

Heading out on an adventure? Hire a guard in exchange for 1 – 6 gold ingot. When you see some heart particles you will know it’s hired.

Both guard types will follow you around and protect you. You can command them to stay or follow (similar to a wolf).

  • Archer: Give bow
  • Swordsman: Give iron sword



  • When you don’t need your guard anymore you can fire him in exchange for a gold ingot
  • Villagers and guards can be healed with almost any type of food item
  • No villager sounds


  • Zombie villagers are male villagers, slightly taller than males ones
  • Normal villagers are female villagers, smaller, female attributes (breasts)
  • To breed villager babies you will need one male and one female
  • Only males can be trained to become guards
  • If villagers are killed by a zombie then they will turn into a normal zombie