Villagerbrine Addon for MCPE

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Villagerbrine is the Herobrine version of a villager. It’s as if the villagers have been infected by Herobrine and gone crazy. Yes, I know, Herobrine isn’t real (they say) but it’s the best reason I can think of to explain why Villagerbrines would exist. This addon definitely makes villages much more dangerous as it turns villagers into crazy people who will try to kill you.

How does it work?

Villagerbrine replaces the villager and this means that it will spawn frequently around villages. I really advice you to don’t get too close to a village if you got lots of valuable items on you because they will try to kill you.

General Information

  • Health: 100 hearts
  • Teleportation
  • Shoots large fireballs
  • Immune to fire

Their main advantage is that they can teleport 32 blocks in any direction. And since their attack radius is set to 16 blocks that means they can quickly get to you by teleportation.

As their hands are tied they can’t hit you or use any other type of melee damage. However, they will spit large fireballs at you. A few of those and you’ll soon be grilled!

From afar they look like ordinary villagers but don’t be fooled. They have white eyes just like Herobrine (if he was real) and can be very scary.