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The Villager Companion Addon is by far one of the best companion mods available right now. It features four different villager types which each provide a unique set of services once tamed. The most groundbreaking feature is the fact that they can carry your items and also that you can trade with some of them. All in all, a must-have for your next survival adventure!

Companion Types

There are are four different villager types which you can tame and each of them provide different services. Here’s a full list with details of each type.

  • High Ranks: Librarians & Priests (white/pink outfits):
    • Invincible to damage
    • Give them iron ingots for experience bottles
    • Follows player
    • Can carry player items
    • Doesn’t fight
  • Mid High Rank: Blacksmiths (black apron):
    • Strong, 50 health (25 full hearts)
    • Attacks anything the player attacks
    • Protects player against nearby monsters
    • Damage equivalent to a diamond sword
    • Can carry player items
    • Follows player
  • Mid Low Rank: Butchers (white apron with):
    • Trade diamonds for golden apples, coal, bones, fish, emeralds (after trade there is a cooldown period!)
    • Can carry player items
    • Doesn’t fight
    • Standard health
  • Low Rank: Farmers (brown shirt):
    • Can carry player items
    • Attacks other mobs
    • Attack damage around 3 (very low)

Getting a Companion

You can tame a villager by giving him a diamond.


Have them carry your items. This is really one of the best features for this addon. (iOS/Android: long-tap on a villager to open inventory, Windows 10: right-click.)

You can retrieve the items at any time. However, if a villager dies the items will not drop so be careful!

This is really good for survival adventures as you will be able to have much more storage space!


You can trade with librarians, priests and butchers. To see which items they trade have a look at the list further up. In this case, I traded iron ingots for some experience bottles.


Farmer and blacksmith companions are the only villagers which will defend the player against mobs.


To get a complete grasp of all features I highly recommend that you read through the companion types list further up on this page.

Important Notes

  • The PC GUI resource pack useful if you find it difficult to give a villager your items
  • If a companion dies it will not drop your items
  • You can’t dismiss a companion. You can only stop them from following you by dying, teleporting far away or sending them to the Nether!
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