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Villages in Minecraft are quite vulnerable as it requires a quite big village for iron golems to be spawned. This is an addon which adds village guards to villages no matter the size. The guards will protect the townsfolk from all types of dangerous mobs.

How does it work?

The villager guards replace the wither skeletons and they can now be found spawning in villages. A guard carries either an iron sword or a bow and it’s also equipped with an iron helmet and a chain male vest. It’s angrier than a normal villager so don’t mess around with them.

If a guard sees anything dangerous entering the village, e.g. a neutral spider, it will immediately attack (and hopefully eliminate) it.

It’s especially during the night that the guards show their usefulness. Zombies, skeletons or any other monsters will be attacked and killed.

If you don’t find any village guards or if you just want more of them then you can train a villager by giving him an iron helmet. Long-tap on a villager and press Train (or just right-click it with an iron sword if you are on Windows 10).

  • Swordmen spawn chance: 65%
  • Archers spawn chance: 35%

You can swap the guard’s weapon by giving him a new one. Currently it’s just the bow and iron sword which are supported.

The guards can either be used for patrolling villages or to protect your own base from monsters. Either use the method of spawning one found above or use wither skeleton spawn eggs.

Guard Villager Features:

  • Wither skeletons replaced by village guards
  • Armor/weapons: iron sword/bow, chain mail vest, iron helmet
  • They can open and close doors
  • Automatically fights nearby monsters
  • Spawns in villages
  • Give a villager an iron helmet to train it into a villager guard
  • Swap weapons (bow, iron sword)
  • Wither skulls spawn randomly in Nether bridge chests
  • Name your guards with name tags
  • Guards walk slowly
  • Compatible with villager trading
  • Guards walk more frequently indoors but their speed is decreased


  • Wither skulls spawn randomly in Nether bridge chests
  • Name your guards
  • Replaced wither sounds with villager sounds
  • Lure villagers with iron helmets
  • Guards slowly stroll through your village
  • Compatible with villager trading
  • Wither spawn egg renamed to “Spawn Village Guard”
  • Guards are no longer immune to fire
  • Lowered sword guard damage
  • Increased bow guard attack speed
  • Increased guard indoor movement frequency but lowered their indoor speed
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