Verdous Passage Map for MCPE

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Verdous Passage is a short but challenging complete the monument map. In this type of map the objective is to find two different blocks and use them to “complete the monument”. It’s not as easy as it looks because everything takes place in an ancient cavern with monsters who have waited centuries for some innocent miner to eat. Dangerous battles with evil monsters should be expected for anyone who accepts the challenge!

It all begins deep down underground somewhere in an old cavern. You’ve been tasked to go on a mission to find two wool blocks which are needed to complete a monument.

The wool blocks are sacred and protected by evil monsters. Fight your way through hordes of evil to take back what was once yours.

After you’ve completed the task of finding the two wool blocks you are supposed to return them to this place.


  • Set difficulty to normal (monsters should spawn)
  • You’ve only one attempt to complete the map
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