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It’s time to upgrade your horse to a brand new vehicle. The Vehicles Addon adds four vehicles to the game (and three of which you can drive). The main thing which I like about this addon is that the models and textures look really cool but still very “Minecrafty”. Look up in the sky and watch as airplanes fly by while you get around in style in your freshly acquired car.

What vehicles are included?

There are two different cars but the only difference between the two is the color. Long-tap and press “Ride” (or right-click) to enter the vehicle. To start driving it you will need carrot on a stick which has been retextured to a steering wheel.

  • Red Car = Pig
  • Blue Car = Cow

Another item which has been added is the traffic light. It replaces the redstone torch. It’s useful for decorating your roads. Tip: Place a lever next to it to stop the redstone particles from appearing.

The bike replaces the creeper. It is slightly slower than a car and have a quite funny-looking model. Hold a bowl in your hand to control the direction of the bike.

Ghasts are replaced by airplanes. If you want to see airplanes in the Overworld (and not only the Nether) you will need to spawn them using the ghast spawn egg. You can’t fly them but they will definitely look great as flying decorations in your worlds.

Don’t text while driving! You might hit a tree! iPhones and other smartphones are included in this addon. However, they are just textures and can’t be used for anything else than just for the fun of it.

The smartphones replace some of the dyes in-game.

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