TS Hardcore Addon for MCPE

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The TS Hardcore Addon aims to make Minecraft in hard mode survival even more difficult than what it already is by increasing the underwater breathing limits and drastically change the attack damage for both the player and mobs in-game. In the future you are likely going to see more changes to the game functionalities. Let’s see how long you can survive.


Don’t go for any long swimming adventures. You will now drown much quicker underwater.


You can no longer hit mobs with just your hands. To attack one will need some kind of tool, preferably a weapon. But even then your attack damage have been decreased by twice.

All of the mobs have had their attack damage doubled. The result of this obviously makes it much more difficult to survive.


In a future update to come you might not even be able to respawn in the same world again.

Recommended: We highly recommend to set the difficulty to hard to take advantage of some of the built-in difficulty features in Minecraft as well as those in this addon.