Tree Castle Map for MCPE

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Welcome to tree castle, this is a big map that took me over 70 hours to build, pls like, and i will be making a vid on how the redstone door woorks at the castle gates, it has 3 levers that have to be pulled in the right order to open and close. this map was built to be a server but anyone who downloads it can just use it for personal use.also I will be adding on updates to this map. It is far from completion. I use it as my world I build things in for fun so in the next update, I will add the rest of the underground railway system.

This map includes

A castle in tree’s.

A working redstone gate.

A wall.

2 villages, one inside the wall one outside.

An underground railway.

Giant welcome steve.

Spawn room.

And 8 minute long roller coster.

Stuff added on in the future.

A town called Tarcy Town.

4 more railway Tunnels

Lots of games, example- pvp.

More rooms in castle.

Bigger castle.

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