Trading Addon for MCPE

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Villager trading has existed for the PC version of Minecraft for a long time but it’s still unknown when we are to expect a similar feature for Pocket Edition. This addon lets you experience a basic version of trading. Walk up to a villager and exchange emeralds for diamond swords. It’s very basic but still kind of cool!

How to trade with a villager?

To trade with a villager you will need an emerald. Hold it in your hand and then long-tap on a villager. It’s important that you quickly press the Trade button otherwise it’s a possibility that the villager might run away.

At this point you can only trade emeralds for diamond swords. It would have been nice if there were some more trading options but due to modding limitations this will have to do for now.

Okay, so it looks like the villager took my emerald and in return I got a diamond sword. Yipikayay – everything works!

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