Tornado Mod for MCPE

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A tornado is basically air which is rotating violently and destroys the things which gets in its way. This mod makes it possible to spawn a tornado. It’s very dangerous as it will destroy parts of the terrain but it can also severely hurt you if you get too close.

How does it work?

To spawn a tornado you will needthe Tornado Spawner. You can craft it, get it through the creative inventory or type /girigirieye to obtain the item.

  • Tornado Spawner (ID: 1001) – 6 strings + 3 iron ingots

Tap on the ground with the Tornado Spawner to spawn a tornado. If you are in survival mode make sure to quickly run away and watch it from afar, otherwise you might die.

While a tornado is active a message will be displaed in the center of the screen giving some statistics and information about the tornado:

It’s incredibly dangerous. Make sure to stay out of its way because otherwise you will most certainly die.


Other Features

  • Changes particle when on lava / water
  • Type /edit_tornado to edit the tornado size
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