Tomb Crafter 5 Sphinx Map for MCPE

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Tomb Crafter 5 Sphinx Map is the fifth map in an on-going adventure maps series. This time you’ve been sent on a mission to Egypt where you are visiting the ancient pyramids. Your quest is to find three ancient golden artefacts. There is also an extra quest in which you must find 12 emeralds to decipher a secret code which will lead you to a secret room.



Main Objective: Find three ancient gold artefacts hidden on three different places inside the the pyramid.

Extra Mission: The objective is to find 12 secret emeralds. Each emerald has a code encoded to it. Once you’ve found all 12 emeralds you should have 12 codes. You must then use these codes to create the final code which will lead you to a secret room.



  • Set difficulty to max
  • Don’t destroy blocks
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