TNTSquad PE Map for MCPE

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TNTSquad PE is a really awesome TNT wars map to play with friends. There are three different arenas and each one is a little bit different but the general concept is to use TNT blocks to kill one another. And it’s all easily done because the map has been designed to automatically prime/ignite TNT blocks as soon they are placed in an arena.

How to play?

It’s a really easy to understand and fun to play, but you will need at least two players (or preferably more) to get started. In the map there are three arenas to choose from: Bomber Color, Death Math and Team Fight. Once you’ve entered an arena grab all the TNT blocks from your chest. As soon as everyone are inside the arena do a countdown from 10 before starting.

By placing a TNT block on the ground in an arena it will automatically be primed/ignited causing it to explode within a few seconds. The objective is to kill the other teams and the last man (or team depending on which arena you play) standing.

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