TNT Stuff Map for MCPE

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TNT Stuff Map is a map which features a bunch of creations in relation to TNT. There are TNT launchers, trampolines and exploding rooms. If you like to play around with redstone and TNT then this map is a great source for some inspiration which you can use for your own builds.

This TNT rocket launcher will shoot you more than 1200 blocks high up into the sky. That’s far past the clouds!


This TNT launcher can be used for launching a player or a mob in a horizontal direction. For example, it could be used instead of a bridge.


This is an automated fire arrow fountain. The dropped arrows will be collected by the hoppers and this means it can go on forever with no need to reset it manually.


Here’s a TNT trampoline. It takes a little bit of trying before getting it right. But the idea is to be able to launch up and down into the air as the TNTs explode.


Here’s a clever disposal machine for TNTs.


This is probably the most meaningless creation but it sure looks cool! It’s an exploding room. You won’t take any damage though.


Besides the mentioned creations there are some others but we will let you see them in-game for yourself! They are all very easy to understand (except for the volcano which doesn’t seem to work).

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