Tiny Player Addon for MCPE

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The Tiny Player Addon reduces the size of the player to that of an ant. It’s really cool because you will be able to walk through passages where previously would have been impossible. However, there is one big flaw and that is the point of view, but hopefully that’s something which could be fixed in a future Minecraft PE update.

How does it work?

The player is now the smallest entity in Minecraft. Not even the silverfish can compare in size. You will still have the same physical powers though.

A huge flaw is that the point of view (both in third person and first person) doesn’t fit the size of the player. I’ve seen similar addons before and none of them have been able to fix this issue. This means that it might require an update of the actual modding capabilities in order to allow this change for an addon.

Third person view is recommended for the best experience.

Building a house has never been easier since you don’t need as much space anymore.