Throwable Torches Mod for MCPE

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Throwable Torches Mod adds sticky torches to the game which can be thrown similar to snowballs and will light up the area where it lands. It’s a really clever mod which makes it much easier to light up large areas more quickly rather than having to go to each location by foot to place down a torch.

How to throw a sticky torch?

The throwable torch is an item by itself and it can be crafted with some torches and a slimeball.

  • Throwable Torch (ID: 760) (x6) – 6 torches + 1 slimeball

Throwing the torch works the same as to throwing a snowball or a slimeball. Hold down your finger on the screen and it will be thrown in the direction you are looking.

Here we sprayed an area with torches and as you can see almost the entire field is lit up and it took no more than 5 seconds to do.

It’s much easier than using ordinary torches. They can be thrown on walls and on the ground. The only place where they won’t stick are on leaves on trees.