The Nether Caster Addon for MCPE

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This addon lets you transform pigs into zombie pigmen by touching them. Find some pigs, touch them (e.g. by hitting them) and let the magic do the rest. The transformation is instant and the pig must feel great by the fact that it has been transformed into a humanoid. It’s a real nice step on the stairs of evolution.

How does it work?

Pigs can no longer be killed. No matter how you hit it (empty hand, weapon/tool or with a bow and arrow) it will automatically turn into a zombie pigman.

Zombie pigmen are neutral (meaning, they will only attack if they get attacked first).

If you are scared of zombies then find some pigs, turn them into zombie pigmen and let them guard your house. Zombies will always try to kill zombie pigmen.

Besides using them as guards to protect you and your property you can also use this addon for harvesting gold. Simply find some pigs, turn them into zombie pigmen and then kill them. Sometimes they will drop gold nuggets. Gold nuggets can be used for crafting iron ingots, golden carrots or glistering melons.