The Nether and the End Switched

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This texture pack have switched the textures for the Nether and the End. It’s a really fun concept which which gives both of the dimensions a complete new design and it’s almost as experiencing two entire new dimensions. Personally, I think it looked a little odd at first but once I had been in the new environments for 5-10 minutes it wasn’t that bad actually. There is really no other for it than the fact it’s a fun concept.

What are the differences?

The End looks probably the best among the two with the new textures. If I know that the End existed and I had never seen the original look then I would most likely think that this is the way it’s supposed to look.

The Nether also looks kind of cool but personally I think it looks a little bit out of place. Mostly so because the sky is red and doesn’t blend well with the purple stone and beige ground.

Here is a list of the changed blocks:

  • Netherrack
  • Soul Sand
  • Nether Brick
  • Nether Wart
  • End Stone
  • Chorus Plants
  • Purpur Blocks
  • Purpur Pillars
  • End Stone Bricks
  • Dragon Egg