The Mystic Mansion Map for MCPE

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This is a mystic adventure map which takes place in an old mansion somewhere out in a swamp far into the night. Step inside a mansion of mysteries and figure out a way to get back home. It mostly consists of mob battles, e.g. fighting for obtaining specific items. If you enjoy yourself a good mystery and some fighting then this map will be fun to play.



Suddenly you wake up and find yourself in an old shed somewhere out in a swamp. You have no idea why you are there or what’s going to happen but you do realize that you can’t stay in there forever. When you walk outside you see an old rusty mansion. Your immediate gut feeling tells you something is wrong but it’s the middle of the night and right now you just need somewhere safe to stay for the night.

You walk up to the door and ring the doorbell twice. The door opens and you slowly walk inside..

Set difficulty to hardRules

  • Don’t break blocks
  • Treat like an adventure map
  • Play the map during night (wait for it to get dark)

Important: It’s recommended to use the John Smith Legacy texture pack.

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