The Manipulator Mod for MCPE

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NOTE before INSTALL The Manipulator Mod

To get The Manipulator Mod for MCPE 0.15, you must download at iCraft app and use the lastest beta of BlockLauncher.

The Manipulator Mod adds eight advanced technology items to the game. The items can be used for freezing time, changing the gravity and lots of other cool manipulations which will give you god-like powers. It’s really fun to play around with so make sure to check this out!

How to use the items?

The items can be found in the creative inventory. If you are in survival mode you can use the crafting recipes found further down or get Toolbox.

Once you hold one of the items in your hand a “Use” button will appear on the left side of the screen. Press this button to toggle the item’s feature on and off.

Chronomatrix: Freeze all entities in your surroundings. This include both mobs and things like arrows.

Polarity Inverser: Change the world gravity for all mobs and have them ascend up into the sky.

Atomic Deconstructor: Use this item to change the atomic construction for all nearby mobs and cause them to explode.

Pyrokinetic Repulsor: Set all mobs on fire in an instant.

Magnetic Drive: Killing mobs are easy, but getting the dropped loot is difficult – but no more! Use this item to pull all items to you.

Voltezla: Cause lightning to strike all nearby mobs. Did you know that if you do that to pigs then they will turn into pigmen. (I honestly didn’t know that until now!)

Arachnocyper: Spawns cobweb on mobs which will cause them to get stuck.

Timewinder: Rewinds the time. Mobs will return to their original position.

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Chronomatrix (500) – 4 iron ingots + 4 diamonds + 1 xor
  • Polarity Inverser (501) – 4 red wool + 4 purple wool + 1 xor
  • Atomic Deconstructor (502) – 4 redstone blocks + 4 TNT blocks + 1 xor
  • Phantom Drive (503) – 6 obsidian blocks + 1 xor
  • Pyrokinetic Repulsor (504) – 4 blaze rods + 1 xor
  • Magnetic Drive (505) – 4 iron ingots + 1 hopper + 1 diamond block + 1 xor
  • Timewinder (506) – 6 gold ingots + 2 glass blocks + 1 xor
  • Xor (507) – mine stone blocks, random drop rate
  • Voltezla (508) – 5 iron ingots + 1 enchanted book + 1 xor
  • Arachnocyper (509) – 2 strings + 2 spider eyes + 4 wool blocks + 1 xor
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