The Jungle Map for MCPE

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For 1.1.0
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The Jungle is a great map to use for your next survival adventures. The base includes five different homes (some of which are in the trees), lots of livestock and a mine. You can’t use it for achievements but as long you don’t care about that it’s a really neat place to explore, and especially so if you like jungles.

Wheat, melons and cocoa beans can be found growing in plenty so there’s always a good supply of food.

There are some tree houses and it’s definitely some of the safest places you can be during the night.

Chickens, cows, horses and other animals can be found in different fenced areas.

The mine is the first place you should go in case you want to go mining.

A little further away there is a huge jungle mountain and on top of that mountain you’ll find two houses. It’s hard to get to but once you get there you’ll know it’s worth it.

The view is outstanding but also the interior is also really well designed.