The Hunter MCPE Addon for MCPE

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Go out and experience the wilderness of Minecraft and hunt some animals or monsters. This addon changes the behaviors for some mobs which make them afraid of players. It also adds a couple of weapons such as modern rifles which are more efficient (and easier to use) for hunting than a bow and arrow.

How does it work?

Pigs, chickens and a few other mobs will avoid players and try to run away. This makes hunting a little bit more exciting and challenging!

The bow has been replaced by a hunting rifle. The shot will cause some damage and a small explosion.

The fishing rod has been replaced by a smaller weapon. To use this weapon you need to press the Fish button if you are on a mobile device or right-click if you are using a computer.

Skeletons and zombies are afraid of players and will try to run away. They are a little bit faster than the player (unless you are sprinting).

The egg has been replaced by a some kind of explosive. It’s similar to grenade and is really useful if you want to cause damage to multiple targets at once.

Snowballs are hunting knives which you can throw at the mobs you are hunting.

Wolves have been turned into hunting dogs which can be tamed just by the use of one bone. If you want to be a hunter well then you need a dog!