The Hit Addon for MCPE

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Agent 47 is the main protagonist (and also the player which you play as) in the Hitman video game series. This addon replaces the zombie with Agent 47 and he even got his characteristic barcode in the back of his head. It’s a quite cool addon to use if you are familiar with the Hitman games. But it’s also really useful if you just want a new challenge in the game.

Agent 47

The zombie is replaced by Agent 45 which is the main character in the Hitman video game series. He is very fast and is armed with a sniper rifle which he will try to use to assassinate the player.

  • Health: 17.5 hearts
  • Faster
  • Sniper rifle (bow and arrows are retextured)
  • Replaces zombies
  • Doesn’t burn in sunlight

Watch your back! Agent 47 can be found both during the day and night so you are never safe.

Sometimes you might not even notice him because his main attack is using his rifle to shoot at you.

If you do kill him then he will drop any of the following items.

  • Gold
  • Rifles (bows)
  • Bullets (arrows)
  • Emeralds