The Experiment 1 Map for MCPE

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For 1.0.6
Author: HeroBGamingHQ Author twitter:
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You’ve been kidnapped by an evil scientist and you are forced to through a series of tests to prove yourself worthy. It’s unclear why you were chosen in the first place, but one thing is for certain and that is that you have to escape your captivity. This is an adventure map which should take somewhere around 20 minutes to complete. It uses redstone and command blocks to provide a seamless gameplay experience.


Your name is Khirt. A 16 year old who was kidnapped and experimented on by the Evil Scientist, Dr Hero Randomz. Don’t worry… You won’t be alone!


  • Don’t break blocks
  • Survival
  • Set difficulty to normal or hard
  • If recording, please give HeroBGamingHQ a shoutout!

Important: This map requires alpha version 1.0.5 for Minecraft Pocket Edition.