The Cube Escape

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For 1.2.6
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Test your skills in Minecraft by going through a series of 9 different challenges inside the space of a cube. You’ve been trapped inside the cube and your goal is to make your way through all of the challenges to ultimately find a treasure and hopefully a way out. Parkour, mazes, reversed droppers and puzzles are just some of the challenges you will meet.

There is a vast array of challenges. For example, in one room you will have to complete a parkour challenge.

And in another room you must complete a reversed dropper.

But it doesn’t stop there. There are 9 different challenges and each one is never the same to the previous.


  • Updated for 1.2.6
  • Fixed some bugs when importing it in the game (the world wouldn’t generate properly)
  • Elytra level is now easier
  • Added boots with Depth Striger for some levels
  • Fixed the last level (it was too difficult)
  • Gamemode: Adventure
  • Compatible with up to 3 players at the same time
  • Added a new and more cool world icon