The Bunny Battle Map for MCPE 0.13.0

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Evil bunnies have decided to steal all the carrots in the world. They have already imprisoned many villagers and taken over their villages. Their next step in their evil master plan is to take over your carrot farm. It’s up to you to stop them before something really bad happens to the world!
The Bunny Battle map is a really cute and fun adventure. The story is wonderful and the gameplay is great. It’s definitely a new take on adventure map stories worth exploring.



Far into the forest there’s a little hut and that’s where you have lived for as long you can remember and all have been very well up until today. A few days ago when you went out to check on your farm you noticed a little rabbit eating your carrots. Quickly you ran toward the rabbit shouting at it to disperse. You didn’t think much of it until today when you checked your farm and discovered that there were hundreds of rabbits trying to steal your carrots.

You decided to exterminate the source so you went a look for the rabbit burrow which you found under the mountain. But to explore it further you need to grab a minecart from your house and return to the burrow.


  • Don’t break/place any blocks unless told otherwise
  • Read all signs

Don’t let their innocent look fool you. They are evil little creatures!


The evil rabbits have even built a prison for villagers. Maybe you can help set them free?


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