Text Squids Addon for MCPE

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This addon lets you create floating text which can be added to walls which you want to use for displaying information about the map. You’ll need name tags, squids and an anvil to do this but the benefit from let’s say using a villager is that squids are always silent and they never move out of place. Another benefit is that floating text is always visible from all angles.

How does it work?

Use an anvil to rename a name tag to the text which you want to display on a wall.

Place down a squid (using a spawn egg) under or behind the wall. Just somewhere it can remain hidden from view. Then use the recently created name tag to name the squid.

The squid can breath on land, it never moves and it doesn’t make a sound. This makes them superior (for this use) to any other mob.

You can add as much text that you can fit on the wall. Eventually you will run out of the space though.

This is what the wall looks like from the other side. This is the side which is supposed to be visible to players.