Temple Run PE Map for MCPE

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Temple Run PE is a timed parkour map where the ground behind you will get pulled away by pistons as you continue through the map. Every two checkpoints you will get 10 seconds added to the clock but it’s never enough time to rest. You constantly have to be on your move if you want to complete this map.


You work as an archaelogist and currently you find yourself in a temple. As you reach out to grab a golden idol you can hear a rumbling sound and the ground beneath you starts shaking. Even though you are terrified you decide to make a run for it. Every 30 seconds or so the ground behind you is being pulled away and you constantly have to jump from one block to another to stay alive.


  • Never place or break blocks
  • Play on peaceful in survival mode
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For 0.16.0
Author: MatPatCat Author twitter:
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