Survivors V1.2.4.7 Mod for MCPE 0.12.2/0.12.1

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Author: HungryBoy02
Compatible with MCPE: 0.12.x

It doesn’t edit the items-oquare.png or terrain-atlas.png so it should work for all mcpe version 0.11.1 and up, and it has been tested, and it should work on 0.12.X! And it adds more armor Too and quartz swords, emerald swords and choal swords, but not charcoal, there’s also enderite swords, Enderite is a new ore added in this mod, and theres also quartz swords, theres LOTS of cool things in this mod.

A New dimension called “The Adger Dimension” My Sister Gave Me The Idea for this, make shure to follow her on deveant art! TheTacoGirl

Incompatible Mods

  • Desno365’s Portal Mod
  • All Damage Indicator Mods
  • Desno365’s Guns Mod
  • Almost Any Mod That Adds Custom Blocks


Download Links:

For 0.12.x

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Author: HungryBoy02 - ShabanModz - crazycard856 Author twitter:
Author site : Author youtube channel:
  • HungryBoy02

    umm… this is hungry, and you need to use the zip file for the download… otherwise it will crash upon using the tazer, and going to the adger [not yet released]

    • 9MinecraftPE

      Thank you, my friend.
      I updated it. Now I cann’t wait your update mods for 0.13.0. 😉

      • HungryBoy02

        no i meant you have to use the mediafire download link, here ill send u it,

      • HungryBoy02

        Im working on it (: I even released a beta if u wanna check it out, anyways, I hope u like da mod ● ,_, ●