Survival Island With Challenges Map for MCPE

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Challenges/Quests of Survival Island With Challenges Map

1.Connect the two islands.
2.Find the two secret rooms.
3.Grow at least ten trees.
4.Make a house with at least two rooms, windows and bed.
5.Conquer the underwater dungeon.
6.Finde the mineshaft.
7.Conquer the mineshaft dungeon.
8.Make gold boots.
9.Find the mineshaft diamonds.
10.Make an automatic cactus farm.
11.Make a farm of: wheat,beetroot,pumpkin and melon.
12.Build a boat/ship
13.Drink the wine
14.Build a cobblestone generator
15.Go to the nether
16.Find a nether fortress
17.Build a sand castle
18.Build a cobble castle
19.Build a scarecraw
20.Make a mob trap
21.Make an enchantment table
22.Complete all the challenges

Story for Survival Island With Challenges Map

You are a wine merchant that was sailing from Norway to Greenland, but during a storm your boat crashed with a little island. You must survive untila another ship passes by, but you dont know how much time will that be.

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