Surgeon Simulator Map for MCPE

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urgeon Simulator is a really fun puzzle map where you play as a doctor who have to operate on patients. You will be faced with eight different challenges. Everything from gun wounds to people who need heart and brain transplantations.

How to play?

You work as a surgeon at a hospital and have to successfully operate eight different people to get a raise. Before entering a level you will be given a few different tools. Use the tools to operate on the patient.

Basically each level is a redstone puzzle. Let’s have a look at a few of the different challenges.

Dave has a bad heart and needs a heart transplantation.

For some reason you have to operate on a robot. It has some problems with its stomach. Try to solve the puzzle.

A preacher was shot in his chest by a lunatic. Quickly get in there and save him by removing the bullet!

There are five more challenges. Go ahead and download it to play the map!


  • Play on peaceful unless told otherwise
  • You are allowed to break and place blocks during operations
  • Don’t break any redstone unless told otherwise
  • Bad heart = wool block, good heart = redstone block
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For 0.16.0
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