Super Wheelchair Addon for MCPE

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This is not just any wheelchair, it is the Super Wheelchair! It’s a super fast vehicle mounted with a machine gun. The machine gun will automatically detect hostile mobs within a certain proximity and eliminate them if necessary. It’s really the ultimate vehicle for anyone who wants to get around quickly and need something better than a horse.

How does it work?

The creeper has been replaced by an awesome wheelchair. They spawn naturally in the world (since they replace creepers) but you can also spawn one by using a creeper spawn egg.

  • iOS / Android: Long press on the wheelchair and press Ride.
  • Windows 10: Right click on the wheelchair to ride it.

Hold an iron sword to control the direction. You can also access an inventory container (27 slots) by opening the inventory while seated.

The wheelchair detects incoming hostile mobs and will automatically shoot arrows at them. Just sit back and relax and watch as the action unfolds! (Or grab a bow and try to help out.)

This addon was created on request by Gona. Hopefully this will make ’em happy! It sure looks awesome!