Super Mob Remover 2000 Mod for MCPE 0.13.0

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Super Mob Remover 2000 adds the possibility to remove specific mob types in your worlds. If you find unwanted groups of mobs in your worlds and do not want to waste time killing them manually then this mob will simplify the process as it will remove all of them automatically. It’s really easy to use and can help you clear some lag off your world or server.

How to remove mobs?

It’s quite easy. Select the spawn egg for the mob which you want to remove and make sure it’s active in either of the two slots marked with red on the image below.

Use the following text command to get all the spawn eggs, including ones which do not exist by default in Minecraft PE: /smr2k giveeggs


Let us show you an example. Let’s say we accidently left the door to our house open and now a group of pigs have decided to make it theirs.


Place a pig spawn egg in the 3rd or 4th hotbar slot. Every five seconds a script will check if there’s any pigs in our surrounding.

If there are they will be removed from the world and a message will show how many of them were removed.