Super Mario Mod for MCPE 0.13.0

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The Super Mario Mod adds 15 new blocks to the game which can be used to create Super Mario levels in Minecraft. It appears to be based on the classic-style platform games like Super Mario Land for Game Boy so that’s the type of maps you should focus on creating. But really, the design of the map is completely up to you. Consider this like an addon which can be used along with the default blocks in Minecraft to create Super Mario styled minigames.

Nine of the blocks are only used for decorating.


The remaining six blocks can be used for adding special features to the map.

  • Emerald block = Level start
  • Redstone block = Level end
  • Gold block = Coin, when player touch his head to the bottom surface the block disappear and one coin is earned
  • Jump Mushroom block = whenever player walks over this block he jumps 6 blocks high
  • Checkpoint Flag block = if player touch this block a checkpoint is set
  • Spike = lose one heart, player is teleported back to the start block or a checkpoint


Demo Map

We have included a short demo map which you can use to get started. It can be downloaded along with the mod in the bottom of this post.




Block IDs

The recipes can only be obtained in creative mode.

  • Brick Block (200)
  • Decoration Block (201)
  • Ground Block (202)
  • Underground Brick Block (203)
  • Underground Decoration Block (204)
  • Underground Ground Block (205)
  • Castle Brick Block (206)
  • Castle Wall Block (207)
  • Castle Ground Block (208)
  • Level End (209)
  • Level Start (210)
  • Coin (211)
  • Spike (212)
  • Jump Mushroom (213)
  • Checkpoint Flag (214)