Sumo Map for MCPE

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For 1.0.3
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This is a minigame map which is recommended for two players. The objective is to use a sword to knock off the other player from a platform. It’s inspired by sumo wrestling but this is obviously a simplified version of that. Don’t expect anything huge or amazing. It’s just a fun and clever little minigame!

How to play?

There are no specific guidelines which you must follow but let me explain the idea of the map.

In the lobby area you will find two different chests. One of the chests contain Wooden Swords (Knockback II). Let each player retrieve a sword from the chest, take the trapdoor from the other chest and the jump down into the arena.

Place the trapdoors over the water. The water was just necessary to make sure you wouldn’t lose any health when jumping down into the arena.

Stand in the center of the arena and face your opponent.

Start a countdown from 5 and then use the sword to try to knock off your opponent from the platform.