State of Democratia Map for MCPE

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For 1.1.0
Author: PeacelandGov, Nick_Miao, PLBroadcasting Author twitter:
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The City of Democratia is one of the largest and most detailed city maps so far created for Minecraft PE. The city offers a great variety of colors and there are peace signs all over the city. Probably in relation to the fact that it’s part of the Peaceland republic.
Another city which can now be explored is the City of Hollowoodenplank. You can reach this city by finding the long red bridge and follow it until you get to a mesa biome.

In the republic of Peaceland there are loads of different areas and buildings which can be explored. Everything from hospitals, libraries, univeristies to residential houses and apartment complex.

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  1. Hello this is the creator NickMiao0928 speaking.

    Please give credit to myself and the Republic of Peaceland. Ive worked nearly 3 years on this map so please. Show some respect to mapmakers by giving credit.