SpellCraft Mod for MCPE 0.14.0

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Spell Craft adds a new crafting table block to the game which can be used for crafting 13 different spells. The magical spells are items which can be used to perform specific actions such as firing an explosive projectile, setting things on fire and being able to instantly grow different plants. It’s a magical mod with loads of things to explore and use!

Getting Started

The first thing which you need to craft is the Spell Crafter block.

  • Spell Crafter (200) – 8 paper + 1 crafting table

The Spell Crafter is like a crafting table but for magic spells.


To use it begin by tapping on either side of the block (marked red) to open the chest interface. In here you put the items required for crafting a specific spell (recipes can be found further down).

Tap on the top of the block (marked green) to open the Spell Crafter interface. Here you select which spell you want to craft. Tap on the spell circles to craft it.



Spells have a limited usage known as essence. Whenever you hold a spell item in your hand you will see an essence bar which gradually is regenerated as time goes.

Alright, so now you’ve learned how to use the Spell Crafter. Let’s have a look at how to craft each spell and what they can do.

Fire: 2 flint & steel + 2 coal + 1 paper

Sets mobs and blocks on fire.

Air: 1 glass block + 2 feather + 1 gunpowder + 1 paper

All mobs within a 10 blocks radius will be pushed away.


Projectile: 2 bows + 2 arrows + 1 paper

Use spell item to shoot arrows.


Explosion: 2 TNT + 2 gunpowder + 1 paper

Causes a mild explosion.

Projectile Explosion: 2 TNT + 1 arrow + 1 bow + 1 paper

Fires an explosive TNT arrow.


Instakill: 1 iron sword + 3 diamond swords + 1 paper

Instantly kills anything it touches.


Jump: 3 feathers + 1 iron boots + 1 paper

Tap on the ground to jump extra high.


Rain: 2 lapis lazuli blocks + 1 arrow + 1 bow + 1 paper

Toggles rain.

Speed: 1 bow + 1 sugar + 1 coal + 1 feather + 1 paper

Gives Speed IV potion effect for 10 seconds.


Craft: 1 crafting table + 1 iron axe + 1 iron shovel + 1 iron pickaxe + 1 paper

Spawns a crafting table.


Grow: 1 sugar + 2 diamond hoes + 1 bone + 1 paper

Grow seeds instantly.


Water: 2 lapis lazuli blocks + 2 buckets + 1 paper

Spawns water.


Lava: 2 obsidian blocks + 2 buckets + 1 paper

Spawns lava.


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