SpawnEgg House Map for MCPE

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For 1.0.6
Author: SpartanRage Author twitter:
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This map contains a very special item which lets you spawn structures in Minecraft. It’s something I have never seen done before (with no mods) and I am not entirely sure how the creator made this possible. Hopefully we’ll get an explanation from him soon, but if not, please investigate and share your knowledge about it in the comments section. It will blow your mind!

How to spawn a house?

Open the chest at spawn and take one of the spawn eggs.

Find the area where you want to spawn the house. I recommend using a flat area like this one. “Roulette” is a really good seed if you are looking for a flat world terrain.

Use the spawn egg to spawn the house. It works just the same way as spawning a mob, except that it will be spawning a structure.

You can even enter the house and inside you will find things such as an anvil and chests with items.

Here’s the command: /execute @e[type=silverfish] ~ ~ ~ clone X Y Z X2 Y2 Z2 ~ ~ ~ (X Y Z and X2 Y2 Z2 are the coordinates of the house) and the second command is /kill @e[type=silverfish]

Important: This map requires version 1.0.6 or higher.