Soccer Game Addon for MCPE

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For 1.0.0
Author: Rojastrigre 24 Author twitter:
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Do you like soccer? Then you really have to give this map a try but don’t forget to bring a friend as it requires at least two players (but preferably more). The map includes an addon which turns the zombie into a soccer ball. The entire map has been designed to make it really easy to play and I can assure you that it’s really fun!

How to play?

This map requires at least two players. Split up in two teams and then enter the soccer field. Walk to the center of the field and press the button on the dispenser to spawn the soccer ball.

Flip a coin to decide which team should start. Then make a countdown from 10.

The objective is simply to use knockback item which you were given when selecting a team to hit the ball in the goal.

Once a team has scored then meet back at the center of the field and let the other team which didn’t make the score begin.