Snowy Hell 2

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For 1.0.3
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Snowy Hell 2 is an amazing challenge for anyone who consider themselves a good fighter and is looking for a new adventure. It’s a complete the monument map which basically means that you need to retrieve a number of blocks to complete a monument and as a result complete the map. There were several times in the map that I just stood in awe and marveled at the magnificent terrain. It’s really something unique to experience!

How to play?

The objective is to find and retrieve four wool blocks which you must use to complete a monument.

But it’s not going to be easy. You will go through lots of challenges, mostly related to fighting hordes of mobs. Don’t forget to the grab the weapons, armor and food though.

The main thing which makes this map so attractive are the amazing views. There are multiple areas which you will access which looks just amazing. But even there it will be a constant struggle for survival.

The wool blocks are usually protected by some kind of structure which you need to break in to and open the chest. Once you’ve found them all then it’s time to return to the monument and complete it.


  • Don’t go outside the map boundaries
  • Don’t play in creative mode or on peaceful
  • No commands are allowed (exception: /time set night)
  • Search for the 4 wool and place at the monument