SnowFall Map for MCPE

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For 1.2 beta
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SnowFall is a cool (and cold) minigame to play with friends. It’s kind of similar to spleef, but in this minigame the floor will fall by itself at random! You will never know which block beneath you is about to fall and when you know it’s usually too late anyways. It’s a really fun and intense minigame best enjoyed in multiplayer.

How to play?

Blocks of the floor randomly disappears every second so you have to constantly be on your move in order to not fall down and die. The main objective is the stay alive for as long as possible. If you die then you are not allowed to enter until a new round has begun.

Eventually most of the map will be just holes. This is when it starts getting exciting and more intense. Never stay idle. Always move around or else you’ll most likely fall down and lose!