Smart House Mega Farm Map for MCPE

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For 1.1.0
Author: ariankhatabi80 Author twitter:
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This creation features a really nice looking house built in a savannah biome which could serve as a great outpost for your next adventure. Inside the house you’ll find some basic furniture and some levers. You can use the levers to access an entrance to the basement. Down there you will find a huge farm which is fully automated by redstone.

As soon as you’ve entered the house you will find some basic blocks like a crafting table, but it’s really the levers which you should check out. One of them will let you access a hidden staircase which leads down to a basement.

In the basement you will find a huge farm and it’s entirely automated by redstone (and villagers who work there 24/7).

You can collect the farmed items from the chests found in the other room.

In the backyard you can find a horse and a fun trampoline-like creation. By stepping into the the trampoline thing you’ll get a boosted jump effect and also a pair of elytra wings which will prove useful on the way down..